What Google Certifications are and how to get them

What Google Certifications are and how to get them

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It’s not news to anyone that Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine. However, what many people outside the marketing area do not know is that the search engine also has some of the best Digital Marketing tools for the market. The professionals and companies that specialize in these tools can obtain Google certifications that prove their knowledge and skills, and generate more credibility to the career or business.

Here at AGX we are Google Partner, Google Cloud Partner and have all the certifications in Google Ads. So, if you want to know what Google certifications are and how to get them, stay with us and read on.

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What are Google Certifications

Google certifications are a way recognized by the platform to prove knowledge in basic and advanced Digital Marketing tools of the search engine. Through online tests, which do not need to be scheduled and also have no cost, professionals can obtain certifications in the desired features.

The main certifications – and the biggest focus of the platform – are related to Google Ads. For this reason, the search engine invests so much in free courses and certifications for marketing professionals, after all, the more users using the tool, the better for the company. With the growth in demand, Google has expanded the certifications to other products, such as ads in apps, for example.

Currently, there are 6 types of Google Ads certifications, each with a different focus. They are as follows:

Google Ads Search Certification;
Google Ads Display Certification;
Google Ads Video Certification;
Shopping Ads Certification;
Google Ads Apps Certification;
Google Ads – Measurement Certification.

With Google Ads certifications, professionals can demonstrate that they are recognised by Google as experts in online advertising. And to study about the tools is easy. After all, Google itself provides free and 100% online courses created by the company’s experts.

How to get Google Certifications

Anyone can take the exam to earn a Google certification. However, first of all, you need to have a Skillshop account to access the Google Ads assessments required for certification – on this Google page you can learn how to set up your account.

By setting up your Skillshop account, you will have access to the free Google Ads certification assessments as well as the learning programs that can be used as study material to earn the certifications. It’s worth remembering that you need to study hard, as the exams require a lot of technical knowledge about the features.

Available in 22 languages – including Portuguese – the assessments have a high level of demand. So, to guarantee your Google certifications, you must have a minimum score of 80% in the certification evaluation. You must retake the assessment annually to renew your certifications.

To pass first time, you can go beyond theory and get to know Google Ads in practice. The tool is free and we teach you how to create a Google Ads account for those who want to get hands-on and test all the features.

Now that you know what Google certifications are and how to get them, see why it’s so important to have them:

Increases knowledge and strengthens the resume

The goal of Google certifications is to qualify professionals in the Digital Marketing tools of the platform. After all, to pass the test you need to study and increase your knowledge, thus becoming a better professional. In addition, certifications have weight in the market and can be a differential in the curriculum, and even help to get a new job.

It is important to become a Google Partner

As mentioned earlier, AGX is a Google Partner agency. And one of the requirements for an agency or consultancy to become a Google Partner is to have Google certifications!

They help to keep you updated

Finally, they also help to keep the professionals updated. After all, as they only last one year, it is necessary to renew them and, consequently, also renew the knowledge in the area, as the tools and functionalities evolve very quickly.

Understanding what Google certifications are and how to get them is very important for any professional. If you still have questions, share them with us in the comments or contact us!

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