4 indispensable digital marketing strategies for selling online

One of the great truths about entrepreneurship is that having a good product or service is not enough to guarantee sales success. If potential customers do not know what is being offered, consequently they will not consume. As the popular saying goes, “Those who are not seen, are not remembered. And the best way to […]

How to use Instagram’s close friends feature on your brand

close friends

Instagram is always releasing new features. At first, it was a social network for sharing photos and the best moments in life. After being bought by Facebook, this social media has been going through several changes, such as the creation of stories, polls, selling products directly in the app, etc. And a few months ago, […]

Learn what Growth Hacking is in practice

growth hacking

Growth hacking, does this expression sound strange to you? Well, you should know that it is already part of the daily life of the most successful companies of the moment. This new trend in digital marketing is very present in statups and in entrepreneurship as a whole, growth hacking is gaining more and more space.If […]