Facebook Ads: see which image and video formats to use in each ad


Did you know that, worldwide, one out of every five dollars in digital ads is invested on Facebook? Monthly users of the platform spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the site – more than Snapchat (33 minutes) and Instagram (32 minutes). Therefore, it is very important to know which image and video […]

Social Ads: How to make the most of a Facebook or Instagram ad


Creating Social Ads campaigns is fundamental for those who want to reach their target audience in the places they frequent the most: the social networks. In addition, organic reach is increasingly difficult to achieve, especially when the goals are commercial. It is at this point that a “push” may be needed to position your company […]

Ads Management

The fear of investing in paid media (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) and not getting a result in the short term is common. With this, to invest without fear we consider it necessary to ensure some practices when creating sponsored links campaigns, that is, to do your ads management. Clear definition of objectives Achieving the […]