4 indispensable digital marketing strategies for selling online

One of the great truths about entrepreneurship is that having a good product or service is not enough to guarantee sales success. If potential customers do not know what is being offered, consequently they will not consume. As the popular saying goes, “Those who are not seen, are not remembered. And the best way to […]

Why is programmatic media important in your company’s strategy?

programmed media

The evolution of technologies has radically changed the way media is negotiated in the digital environment. Therefore, in that vein, the programmatic media has emerged to increase assertiveness and efficiency in both the buying and selling process of advertising.If before traditional insert negotiations were carried out manually and interpersonally, involving booking inventory, setting prices, sending […]

What is Google Search Console and how to use it to optimize your website?

search console

In the last text of our blog you learned how to read and optimize all the data from your website withGoogle Analytics. Today we will deepen the knowledge acquired, explaining you, in a simple way, what isGoogle Search Consolewhich is also a free tool, can help you make sure that your site is found and […]