Learn about the types of ads on LinkedIn and when to use each one


LinkedIn is an unsurpassed platform for the B2B audience. So in terms of ads, it has the power to reach important people. You can, for example, target LinkedIn ads to be displayed to the key decision makers needed to close a sale and even target the specific companies your company wants to do business with. […]

Is advertising on Google worth it? 5 reasons that will convince you

anunciar no google

When searching for information, products or services Google is probably the first place anyone runs to. This in itself already demonstrates the gigantic power of the Internet search engine and how inherent it is in our daily lives. Google is so present in our routine that it has even become a verb, according to the […]

YouTube Ads: understand how Youtube can be a key piece in your campaign

youtube ads

The way of consuming content is changeable and is in constant transformation. A few years ago, blogs were the sensation of the Internet. As time went by, social networks emerged and became one of the main sources of online entertainment. Today, it can be said that we are in the age of videos. And when […]