Data Handling in Digital Marketing: Get to know everything about the RGPD

Greater attention to data processing has become necessary with the technological evolution of social networks, big data, behavioral advertising, and the Internet of Things, among others. And within this context, we will address the importance of data handling in Digital Marketing and the attributes of the RGPD, check it out! First, let’s explain some common […]

Discover the best ways to optimize your company’s LinkedIn

otimizar linkedin

We told you earlier about the types of ads on LinkedIn and when to use each one. However, there are other great ways to optimize a company’s LinkedIn and thus improve presence, authority and business prospects. Want to learn more about how to transform your business’ LinkedIn? Keep following! Why create a LinkedIn company page? […]

Image formats for Google Ads: the complete guide

Setting up and optimizing ads on the Google Display Network can be a complicated process of trial and error. However, one of the best ways to avoid wasting money and effort is to know the image formats for Google Ads that should be used. We have already told you here how to understand each type […]

How to improve the speed of WordPress

velocidade do wordpress

The page load time of your WordPress site is of great importance, of this every Internet user knows. But what few people know is that if your site is slow, it will increase your bounce rate on Google Analytics after all, who today has the patience to buy something on a slow site or even […]