7 free tools every social media should use


We know that managing social networks is the job that everyone thinks they know how to do, but in fact it is one of the most difficult functions to perform correctly. The necessary skill set requires “outside help”. Therefore, let’s list the 7 free tools for social media that everyone working in the field should […]

How to engage on Twitter? Learn from these great brands


There is no denying that Twitter is one of the most iconic social networks on the Internet. This is because the platform was created in 2006 and has managed to stay relevant for so many years, while countless other social networks have emerged and been forgotten. Moreover, the microblog has not only remained relevant, but […]

Discover the best ways to optimize your company’s LinkedIn


We told you earlier about the types of ads on LinkedIn and when to use each one. However, there are other great ways to optimize a company’s LinkedIn and thus improve presence, authority and business prospects. Want to learn more about how to transform your business’ LinkedIn? Keep following! Why create a LinkedIn company page? […]

Learn about TikTok ads and how to create a campaign


There is no denying that the social network of the moment is TikTok. And if you still think that TikTok reaches only Generation Z audiences, you are missing out on an important social media advertising option for your brand. The app passed the 1 billion user mark in September and ads on TikTok can reach […]