How to monetise on YouTube? Updated guide Updated guide

Como monetizar no YouTube? Guia atualizado

Whether because it has billions of users or is the second most used search engine in the world, many people want to generate content on YouTube to earn money from it. We know that many youtubers make fortunes on the platform, but this is not the rule. So, after all, how to monetize on YouTube? […]

The 7 most important metrics in Google Ads

Before you learn about the most important Google Ads metrics, remember that successful advertising is all about matching your campaign to user intent. While the intent itself is difficult to measure, the digital advertising landscape has given marketers and advertisers the ability to leverage user data to get closer to their campaign than ever before. […]

Learn about the types of ads on LinkedIn and when to use each one


LinkedIn is an unsurpassed platform for the B2B audience. So in terms of ads, it has the power to reach important people. You can, for example, target LinkedIn ads to be displayed to the key decision makers needed to close a sale and even target the specific companies your company wants to do business with. […]

Learn about TikTok ads and how to create a campaign

tiktok ads

There is no denying that the social network of the moment is TikTok. And if you still think that TikTok reaches only Generation Z audiences, you are missing out on an important social media advertising option for your brand. The app passed the 1 billion user mark in September and ads on TikTok can reach […]

Facebook Ads: see which image and video formats to use in each ad

facebook ads

Did you know that, worldwide, one out of every five dollars in digital ads is invested on Facebook? Monthly users of the platform spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the site – more than Snapchat (33 minutes) and Instagram (32 minutes). Therefore, it is very important to know which image and video […]

Image formats for Google Ads: the complete guide

Setting up and optimizing ads on the Google Display Network can be a complicated process of trial and error. However, one of the best ways to avoid wasting money and effort is to know the image formats for Google Ads that should be used. We have already told you here how to understand each type […]

Social Ads: How to make the most of a Facebook or Instagram ad

social ads

Creating Social Ads campaigns is fundamental for those who want to reach their target audience in the places they frequent the most: the social networks. In addition, organic reach is increasingly difficult to achieve, especially when the goals are commercial. It is at this point that a “push” may be needed to position your company […]

Understand each type of ad on Google and its functions

When it comes to paid advertising, Google Ads stands out for its features and reach. After all, it is a very powerful Google tool that is responsible for managing campaigns not only within the search engine, but also in the network of partner sites. However, for a paid traffic campaign to be effective, it is […]

What Google Certifications are and how to get them

certificações google

It is not news to anyone that Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine. However, what many people outside the marketing field do not know is that the search engine also has some of the best Digital Marketing tools for the market. Professionals and companies that specialize in these tools can obtain […]