7 free tools every social media should use

7 free tools every social media should use

We know that managing social networks is the job that everyone thinks they know how to do, but in fact it is one of the most difficult functions to perform correctly. The necessary skill set requires “outside help”. Therefore, let’s list the 7 free tools for social media that everyone working in the field should […]

How to use Instagram’s close friends feature on your brand

close friends

Instagram is always releasing new features. At first, it was a social network for sharing photos and the best moments in life. After being bought by Facebook, this social media has been going through several changes, such as the creation of stories, polls, selling products directly in the app, etc. And a few months ago, […]

Learn what Growth Hacking is in practice

growth hacking

Growth hacking, does this expression sound strange to you? Well, you should know that it is already part of the daily life of the most successful companies of the moment. This new trend in digital marketing is very present in statups and in entrepreneurship as a whole, growth hacking is gaining more and more space.If […]

What is SEO?

what is seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your site through organic search engine results, i.e. the more optimized your site is, the better Google will rank your site in search. The goal is always to be on the first page of Google.To understand what SEO really […]

Ads Management

The fear of investing in paid media (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) and not getting a result in the short term is common. With this, to invest without fear we consider it necessary to ensure some practices when creating sponsored links campaigns, that is, to do your ads management. Clear definition of objectives Achieving the […]