How to monetise on YouTube? Updated guide Updated guide

Como monetizar no YouTube? Guia atualizado

Whether because it has billions of users or is the second most used search engine in the world, many people want to generate content on YouTube to earn money from it. We know that many youtubers make fortunes on the platform, but this is not the rule. So, after all, how to monetize on YouTube? […]

Marketing Insights for your business: Top trending searches on Google in 2023

Tendências mundiais- Os termos mais pesquisados no Google em 2023

Around here, we are always following the best strategies for businesses to become relevant on Google. Therefore, knowing the most searched terms on Google is very important! The most used search engine in the world has released the trends of the most popular searches in the world last year. The lists are composed of the […]

Online Sales: 5 factors that influence the customer’s buying decision

Vendas Online- 5 coisas que influenciam na decisão de compra do cliente

Earlier we talked about thethings you need to know before creating a sales websitebut if you already have an e-commerce site, you are probably wondering how to increase online sales. With this in mind, we have put together some of the main things that most influence a customer’s buying decision. If you already have a […]

Find out how an advertising agency works: types, departments, and compensation

Descubra como funciona uma agência de publicidade- tipos, departamentos e remuneração

The world of advertising is one of the most challenging. It is in constant evolution, because keeping up with the trends of the future and the changes in society is fundamental for a good advertising message. So there are several ways of organizing an advertising agency and this varies over time. Departments of an advertising […]

Ecommerce: 5 things to know before creating a sales website

Ecommerce- 5 coisas para saber antes de criar um site de vendas

Going online is a great decision for most businesses. There are, however, some points that must be considered in order for you to achieve your goals when creating a sales website. Far beyond a product build, we will address factors that are present in the ecosystem of a digital strategy. This makes all the difference […]

7 free tools every social media should use

7 free tools every social media should use

We know that managing social networks is the job that everyone thinks they know how to do, but in fact it is one of the most difficult functions to perform correctly. The necessary skill set requires “outside help”. Therefore, let’s list the 7 free tools for social media that everyone working in the field should […]

SEO Strategies: Google Changes Search Algorithms to Deal with Clickbait


Google is tweaking its search algorithms in an effort to prioritize “content made by people, for people” and combat the scourge of clickbait by improving results for those investing in SEO strategies. Danny Sullivan, from Google, said that: “Many of us experience the frustration of visiting a web page that appears to contain what we […]

The 7 most important metrics in Google Ads

Before you learn about the most important Google Ads metrics, remember that successful advertising is all about matching your campaign to user intent. While the intent itself is difficult to measure, the digital advertising landscape has given marketers and advertisers the ability to leverage user data to get closer to their campaign than ever before. […]

Data Handling in Digital Marketing: Get to know everything about the RGPD

Greater attention to data processing has become necessary with the technological evolution of social networks, big data, behavioral advertising, and the Internet of Things, among others. And within this context, we will address the importance of data handling in Digital Marketing and the attributes of the RGPD, check it out! First, let’s explain some common […]